This link is to our drop box with Pamco-Imaging installers.

You will find the XML mode version of the “one click” software there.

The XML template is there as well. template is explained at end of this email.

For example. If you want to turn the table 45degrees, then use our app with camera to take only 2 pictures. This way the system will take a picture, move 45 degrees, take a picture, then its done. The XML file in the watched folder will be deleted and our app is ready for next XML file to be saved to folder. 

The XML file must be saved to a folder in the same PC that is running the Pamco application.
>>>   steps   <<<
Make new folder where you will have your app save the XML to.

Install PAMCO one click ver ( you can keep any older ver installed, just open only one at a time ). when app opens, the version number is bottom right.

Install the FTDI motor driver if not already installed. it can be found here :

/ with a compatible camera NOT plugged into your PC, check that it can take pictures without issues.

compatible camera list is here:

Turn lens focus switch to OFF

/Empty the memory card or set camera to take pictures without card.

/plug USB into that compatible camera. Check that Windows recognized the camera.You do not need a driver for the camera.

/open PAMCO one click version

/Check that the turntable is displayed top left/Check that your camera is displayed left side

/turn camera lens focus to OFF
/select [XML Mode]
/In “Path to XML folder”, click little box to right to open “select folder” the folder you made for the XML file to be saved to by your app.
/ under “new product options” :select:re-use settings
de-select:all other options
/ click OK
/ in the main window, bottom left, there will be 3 buttons:

test shot

test sequence

folder watch

/ click on [folder watch]
/ a status form will pop up. From this status form you can abort.if not aborting then our app will monitor your XML folder forever.
That’s it.
==============================XML template explainer
This is the text for the XML template.

An example XML file is in the drop box mentioned above.

Example XML:

<?xml version=”1.0″ encoding=”utf-8″?>

Table speed and acceleration can be reduced.Recommend not increasing as the motor will skip or not keep up.
—————————————————————-Mark McLean