The PAMCO-IMAGING turntable is controlled by an Android APP.

The APP and the turntable each have their own software code.

Each have their own version numbers.

This list shows which firmware version you need for the APP your using.

The Android APP will display both the APP version number and, when connected to a turntable, will also display the turntable firmware version number.

Turntable firmware requirement per APP version:

Android APP version 1.1.3 requires turntable firmware 3.3.6 or higher
Android APP version 1.1.1 requires turntable firmware 3.3.0 or higher.
Android APP version 1.1.0 requires turntable firmware 3.3.0 or higher.
Android APP version 1.0.8 requires turntable firmware 3.1.5
Android APP version 1.0.7 requires turntable firmware 3.1.5

For turntable firmware updates visit this page : FIRMWARE

Release notes:

March 2023

Turntable Firmware ver 3.3.6 & APP ver 1.1.3 

Added serial commands for total control of turntable.

Added manual slew control in APP & via serial commands

Added camera trigger to APP

Feb 18 2023

Turntable Firmware ver 3.3.2

Added serial numbers.

Feb 11 2023

APP ver 1.1.1

Improved bluetooth connecting.

Jan 2023

Turntable Firmware  ver 3.3.1

Added new serial numbers post Dec 2022 sales.

APP ver 1.1.0

Added functionality for Object2vr by Garden Gnomes.
( requires turntable firmware 3.3.0 or higher )

Dec 2022

APP ver 1.0.9

Minor bug fixes.

APP ver 1.0.8 ( requires turntable firmware 3.1.5 )

Modified UI to improve start sequence button behaviour and better manage touch screen "key bounce".
Also modified [ABORT] button to minimize accidental selection.

APP ver 1.0.7 ( requires turntable firmware 3.1.5 )

Corrects a turn error when using turntable for less then 360 degrees.
This APP version requires a Turntable firmware update to "Turntable firmware 3.1.5".

APP ver 1.0.6

Added AUTORUN command (to run the table without mobile)
Added GET_COMMAND command (to see current command in cmd)

APP ver 1.0.4

This is APP ver 1.0.4. This APP version requires turntable firmware ver 3.1.3
See :
As per customer requests some improvments and changes:
Motor RTS shortest route task.
CCW/CW Button, RTS button & Speed button UI change.
Number shots and Slew button UI change.
Turntable not found change UI of link.
Auto save settings.
Reset to default settings.

APP ver 1.0.3

Bluetooth scan timeout added. Screen prompts users to visit Pamco-Imaging with link provided.

APP ver 1.0.0 , 1.0.1 & 1.0.2

Various feature additions and UI improvments