Latest version number is " Canon DLL 13.10.20"

Windows 7, 8 ,8.1  & 10

Software download. Click link below to download a 15meg sized ZIP file.

Pamco OneClick 1_9_4_4 Canon 131020

( If download fails, please email [email protected] for a trial version. A ZIP of the EXE will be emailed )


>After install the short cut may not appear on your desk top.

To open the app just type "pamco one click" in the windows search.

If your using a turntable with the "Pamco One Click" software please also install the "FTDI" driver package found below.


Canon DLL 





NOTE: if this is an upgrade, please  un-install old version before installing newer version.

After the ZIP has downloaded, then unzip and run the "setup.exe" file in the new folder. NOTE: do not run the setup exe file in the ZIP folder, you must run the setup.exe that shows up in the unzipped folder.

Any install issues , please contact [email protected]

Photography Turntable Driver Package also known as the "FTDI" driver package.

All Pamco-Imaging turntable owners, this is the driver package needed for the turntable.

FTDI Stepperboard 2.12.24 WHQL Certified (1)

Unzip and run "dpinst64.exe" , or the 32bit version for 32bit windows OS.



PAMCO-IMAGING utilities.

Com port scanner. Used if your computer "can't" find the turntable.

Run this tool and simply send a screen capture of the tool after it has run the test.

Sending the LOG file is optional.


Legacy software.

The original turntable & camera control software, 2009.


NOTE: This software will only work with PAMCO turntables.

You will need the FTDI driver installed. See above.

Custom Code

pass word hint for pamcosupport "custom code" page access = old company name and big product # all one word lower case