PAMCO-IMAGING software overview video.

Detailed training videos

A closer look at CROPPING and RESIZING

A closer look at setting LEVELS ( getting your white back ground, 100% RGB white )

White Balance ( Making your product color correct )


Depth of Field

If you want your product image sharp and completly in focus, its best to make sure your depth of field is "big" enough.

This web page does a good job of explaining "Depth of Field" or DoF.

Depth of Field explainer.

This smart phone app "depth of field calculator" is a good choice in our view to determine your depth of field. PAMCO-IMAGING recommends this app.

DoF calculator.


lighting links.

Our selections are focused on how to get great looking product shots "in camera"

Lighting technique.

Light tents.

Shooting tables.   More.    (see also BACKGROUNDS below )



lighting tips



Background for most product shots means the following:


Cyc Wall


Examples of customers using our 360 product spin turntable system.