About cropping & re-sizing

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To crop you can draw a free hand crop or create a crop aspect ratio or "shape".

Our application accepts entering aspect ratios in 3 different ways.

single number : 1.78
two seperate numbers : 16:9
enter the desired final size in pixel dimensions : 1000 x 562

NOTE: aspect ratio and image dimensions are not exactly the same thing.


An image that is 2000 pixels wide and 1000 pixels high would have an aspect ratio of 2:1
However an image that was 200 pixels wide and 100 pixels high would also have an aspect ratio of 2:1
So, aspect ratio describes the "shape" of the square or rectangle you want, not necessarily the pixel dimensions.


Methods to crop & re-size, video links.

1/ Select a fixed aspect ratio

2/ Enter a single number to describe an aspect ratio , like , 1.78 for example.

3/ Enter 2 numbers separately, like 16 and 9 for example, giving you an aspect ratio of 16:9

4/ Simply draw a crop "free hand" and not consider aspect ratio at all.

NOTE : (It is not a requirement to decide on an aspect ratio to use our software.)

5/ Lastly we have a unique feature that allows you to enter the WIDTH and HEIGHT of the finished images.
This action sets the aspect ratio without you having to consider it.

Re-size functions.

1/ After the aspect ratio is made enter in WIDTH or HEIGHT to set the dimensions.
NOTE: Because the aspect ratio has been defined , you can only enter WIDTH OR HEIGHT , not both.
If you wish to enter a WIDTH and HEIGHT together, no problem, just right click on the image frame and choose [clear all] , then enter your desired WIDTH and HEIGHT, then draw your crop.


2/ Enter WIDTH and HEIGHT together , this will set the re-size and the aspect ratio at the same time.