Right to Repair policy.

Please contact us for advise on any repairs.

Self repair does not void warrenty. Any damage done during repair will not be replaced under warrenty.

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wiring for: vr1040,1041,1200,1201,18 & 100

Power supply: GS25A12-P1J

Plug type : Standard type P1J: 2.1 * 5.5 * 11mm, tuning fork type, center positive.


wired trigger

Wired triggering of cameras.

Pamco-Imaging turntables with optional wired triggering use a 3.5mm (TRS) jack to connect to cameras which have wired triggering.

T = shutter
R = 1/2 detent (meter)
S = Ground

The T and R each have a separate software controlled relay inside the turntable.
The software triggers the relays to simulate a hand held wired remote.
The 1/2 detent closes first then a split second after the shutter contact closes for about 1 second.
This sequence replicates a user pressing a hand held wired remote trigger.