"White Balance" should not be confused with getting your background white to be 100% white. White balance is really only about getting colors in real life to be represented properly in the JPG image. If you have a wine bottle with a particular reddish hue to it, a proper white balance will ensure that the color or hue is presented correctly in the final image.

How to set a "Custom" or "Manual" white balance in your camera.

Auto white balance will fail you when you least expect it.

Before using the "PAMCO-IMAGING One Click" software please ensure your camera white balance is set to:




(both the same thing)

To set white balance on Canon DSLR cameras please review this video.



The video mentions your choice of a grey card or white foam board.

PAMCO-IMAGING does not recommend foam board as many of them have a slight tint to them.

Instead we suggest a quality brand grey card such as a Kodak R-27

B&H photo sells these as do most camera shops.

Grey Card

Some other notes regarding white balance:

  • If using fluorescent lights you need to wait a few minutes for the lights to warm up. Their color temp will change as they warm up.
  • If using strobes, you should still use custom/manual white balance vs the "strobe" setting in the camera. The reason, color temps vary between strobe manufactures and between models of strobes within a brand. Plus as the strobe "bulb" ages it changes its color temp. So nothing beats the accuracy of a custom/manual white balance.
  • If you move your lights or add or take away lights , do a new white balance.