Request Licence Key:

After the 14 day trial period a licence key is needed to unlock the software. If the computer is connected to the internet then this selection will make a key request. (Note , if  a Pamco-Imaging turntable is plugged into the computer a key is not required)

Enter Licence Key:

copy and paste in the key and enter the same email used to request the key.

View Licence Status:

This function will display one of the following statuses.

1- a valid key was entered and software will remain unlocked on the computer it was requested from

2- software is still in trial mode.

3- a Pamco-Imaging turntable is connected, which unlocks the software.

Cameras Supported:

A list of supported cameras with the version of software that is installed. Contact [email protected] if you have any camera compatibility questions.

Open Log File :

This opens a note form with data showing the use of the software since it was last opened. (sometimes referred to as the "error log" or "bug log". Email this to [email protected] if you have an issue with the software.

Upload Log File:

Automatic upload of the error log file if computer is connected to the internet. Best to email [email protected] to advise you have sent an error log.

Canon DLL : version of the camera driver package.

Turntable Board : Pamco-Imaging reference number for turntables.

Turntable DLL : version of the driver package for the turntable.