This link talks about using photoshop to basically make a cut out

The guys in the links below, on the other hand, key/mask out the back ground and allow for transparent objects to be partially keyed/masked out. You will see what I mean in their video below about 3:07 minutes into it.

The Video made by Hensel shows the Picture Instruments software being used:

In the video at 3:07 shows what I think is the software’s best capability, masking partial, glass in their example.

NOTE: They show photographing a live person. However I’m not sure this is best for that because of the time between shots, even if it’s a fraction of a second I would expect in some instances that the person being photographed might move even a fraction of an inch would make a bad edge. My “Hot Shoe Plus” product is targeted to “In Studio Product Photography”. In this video instead of using Hensel strobes , you use your own and the PAMCO-IMAGING Hot Shoe Plus along with your transmitters.

The software:

Lighting tips for a good key/mask:

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