How to unlock the software.

PAMCO-IMAGING Software is available either as a "stand alone" application for product photography or it is included with the purchase of a PAMCO-IMAGING turntable.

PAMCO-IMAGING software, when connected to a PAMCO-IMAGING turntable, is fully licensed, and does not require an activation key.

PAMCO-IMAGING software may also be used without a turntable.  The software will be fully activated for a 14 day trial period, after which a licence will be required.

Keys must be purchased and can be done using the application, or by e-mail.

To request a licence key using the application either by:

  1. Before the trial period expires, from the Help menu, click “Request a Licence Key”.

fill in the requisite information, and click “Send Request”,


After the trial period has expired, fill in the requested information on the form displayed, and click “Request A Key”

To request a licence key via e-mail,

1/ Send a screen capture to mark@pamco-imaging.com


2/ Email the number displayed bottom right on the GUI

NOTE: Licence keys will be sent to the e-mail address provided in the request form, or the e-mail address supplied with the screen capture.